Dutch Phrases

Phrases in Dutch that might come in handy…

  • I need X beer = X bier (adding words like please (alsjeblieft) or now (nu) is optional), alternatively walk up to the bar and stick the required number of fingers up (this is more efficient because they can start working on your order while you are still walking up to the bar)
  • Where's the beer = Waar is het bier?
  • Where is the castle = Waar is het kasteel? (very handy for first-timers, once you get intoxicated and lost)
  • Where is the after-afterparty = Waar is de after-afterparty?
  • Why is there a Norwegian guy in a drunken stupor in a chair in the middle of the castle courtyard? = Wat moet die Noor daar? *point* (It happens, often)
  • Hurry up please, i also want to take a shower = Schiet op, lul!
  • Pickup line for a Dutch guy = Hoe lang is je lul?
  • Jaha - Jahaaa