The Castle

How to get from Sjiwa to the Castle

Why can't I go to sleep after the last show each evening?

Almost 200 members of the ProgPower community stay at the castle, you don't have time to sleep. You need to party. Monday morning PP is over. Make sure the weekend counts, you can sleep the rest of the year (until your next PP). However, there is a way to catch some much needed rest. As Rune Sørgård (Atrox) demonstrated at Progpower Europe 2008 it is easy enough to catch some much needed rest in an alcohol induced coma, enjoyed best on the chairs in the castle courtyard.

What to do after breakfast?

Grab a couple of beers and join the circle of friendly people sitting outside in the lovely weather. If you do not enjoy a beer in the morning, there is an alternative. If you are in luck a certain German guy will have brought his espresso machine and will most likely share its riches in exchange for a good discussion on the sound levels at Sjiwa, the good old days of prog or a promise to join the progulus community.

How to find the after-after parties?

Walk around the castle and follow the sound of drunken laughter