The Chinese

Route from Castle to Chinese
Route from Sjiwa to Chinese

Annual Baarlo Chinese Culinary Metal Extravaganza! (A.B.C.C.M.E)

As has been the tradition the past couple of years, we will try to get as many of you attending metalheads to have dinner with us at the Chinese restaurant in Baarlo before the festival kicks off. I suggest that we gather at the castle around 16:30-17:00 and then start the march towards the restaurant. There we will indulge in the goodness that is the Chinese buffet. After filling our stomachs with the necessary buffer for all the beer that will be drunk in the evening and night, we will together walk back to the venue in time for Klone to kick off the festival!

Things to note about this Chinese

  • Although it is called a vegetarian menu it still contains ham. (But of course that is vegetarian ham)
  • When you enter don't be surprised if the lady asks you how many rooms you need
  • The stir fry (WOK) is not part of the buffet-menu and slightly more expensive(But listening to the sound of a certain Swede(HÃ¥kan) eating this the last years, we suspect it was worth the extra cash!)
  • When it's time for the desert, fill your plate with Mums-Mums