Useful Tips

Warning! ProgPower is addictive. And an unhealthy one too!

General information

  • Don't trust Men in Pink
  • The reception at the castle is straight ahead arriving from the front door.
  • This is what happens if you don't behave yourself

Where to get your food:

  • Do not go to pizzeria Milano if you are in a hurry, want to get your food, want an appology about not getting your food or any other kind of service.
  • Do not go to pizzeria Milano if you want to eat something tasty
  • If you decide to get a pizza at pizzeria Baarlo, make sure you don't order Pizza e.coli, unless you like the bathroom…
  • There is a supermarket in Baarlo, located at Grotestrat (close to Brouwersstraat) 1/3 on the way to Peking Garden('the Chinese')
  • In the supermarket you can buy a "beer" that is very cheap and called "Pitt" ("Cock" in Swedish). It's not recommended.
  • If in need of some strong alcohol (to fight off a cold, for instance), don't ask for Smirnoff at the bar upstairs, it's some sort of Schweppes with 4% alcohol; go to the basement instead.
  • There is a place that serves ProgPower Schnitzel for a reasonable price; highly recommended. As for drinks, ask for Tongerlo Blonde (they don't have the dark version); highly recommended as well.
  • Dutch fast food must be the worst in the world; see the schnitzel suggestion above for something tasty.


  • Order your coffee BLACK and PERFECT!
  • After you've missed breakfast at de Berckt, look for Raimond and his electric espresso maker.

Is located 350m from JC Shiwa and less than 100m from Peking Garden(Chinese Restaurant)
ATM at Coöperatieve Rabobank Venlo e.o. UA